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You may have caught the mention on Episode 14 this week that Sylvia and were part of a startup this year called My husband Tod (Mr. Yes-yes-no) and I came up with a software service for video gamers and Sylvia was our “Content Nerd.” :) The three of us spent months glued to, a site that allows gamers to live-stream their video gameplay and develop an audience around their gaming. All three of us still stream our gaming from time to time, but it’s hard to get in time for streaming when you’ve got knitting to do!

Well no longer. has just announced that they will provide support for streamers of “creative arts:” drawing, painting, programming, graphic design, costume design etc… and you guessed it… KNITTING!! That means the 3rd largest source of internet traffic in the world is now supporting creative people to share their process on social video:

All along, the Twitch community has included a determined community of artists, crafters and builders, who have been using Twitch to broadcast their creative processes. These creative broadcasters share many of the same characteristics as all Twitch broadcasters: passion, engagement, and a community-centric worldview.

Today, we’re happy to announce our official support for the Twitch Creative community. There are a few things that make the Creative category unlike anything else on Twitch, so we, along with our launch partner Adobe, are excited to see what you dream up. (Twitch Blog, Oct 28, 2015)

Come follow me on and watch me live stream my knitting! (no, seriously!) Interested? Check out the new Creative category landing page on, the place to find creative people and their video feeds. I’ll be posting in the near future about how knitters can start broadcasting – so stay tuned or comment with your questions1


Gaming for Knitters

I have but one pair of hands and it’s pretty hard to find the time to do both of the things I love to do – gaming and knitting. And so, I mentally make note of video games that allow short windows of time for obsessively knitting. Because, y’know. That’s just how we roll.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare: In multiplayer mode, there’s a 60 second period in the lobby between rounds – perfect for finishing a row or two.


The Witcher II & III: Story-driven RPG with tons of cinematics. Plenty of time to finish a lace chart while Geralt and Yen get it on.

What games do you secretly knit to?

How to Listen to the Knitter Punks!

Knitting and Podcasts…

…go together like peas and carrots. Like chocolate and peanut butter. Like sex and cookies. Here’s a quick guide to how you can listen to our podcast and others and get you up to speed with the most popular new medium since paint.

You can think of podcasts like a sort of audio blog – they are digital media files (audio, or audio/video) recorded and offered online in a series, similar to a blog. Podcasts are best suited to be accessed through an application that delivers the file automatically to your device (computer or media player or phone) if you subscribe or sign up for it, but nowadays, podcasts can be accessed through your web browser or even in your email inbox! The Knitter Punks Podcast is FREE! but many podcasts are paid for or are supported by ads or listener donations.

Ways to listen to the Knitter Punks podcast:

  1. Through your web browser: Head on over to and the most recent episode will play automatically in a player at the top of the page. EVEN BETTER! Sign up for our email newsletter, and you will get an announcement lickety split straight to your email inbox when we post a new episode allowing you to play the episode through your browser whenever you want to.
  2. Subscribe to the podcast using a podcast player or “podcatcher.” (cute, eh?): These are mobile apps (on your phone) or desktop apps (on your computer) that let you subscribe (free) to any podcast you want, just by searching for it in the app and selecting “subscribe.” Some well-known and useful podcatcher apps include: Podcasts (Apple), Downcast, PocketCasts (for Android) and others. You can also add our RSS feed directly to your podcatcher – usually by choosing Add > Add Podcast Manually and paste this link into your app: feed://
  3. Listen through Spreaker: The Knitter Punks podcast is hosted on Spreaker, a third-party service that is kind of like a web radio service. Speaker lets us easily record and store each episode audio file, handles the web traffic as listeners access the episode files, and allows us and our listeners to share podcast episodes easily through web players and social media links. You can sign up for a free Spreaker listener account and subscribe to the Knitter Punks Podcast there, and explore for other great podcasts that are hosted by Spreaker.

Hope this opens you up to a whole new world of knitworthy listening!


Episode 1: Knitter Punks knerd out

Episode 1: Knitter Punks knerd out

Knitter Punks – Not your typical knitters
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Cheryl from Fetching Knits (of Fetching Fingerless Mitts fame):
US Craft and Yarn Council Sizing Standards: (Quick googling did not make it clear to us, so we think Ysolda created these? maybe?)

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