Podcast Episodes

Episode 99: This is a Test Post

I’m a pink toothbrush, you’re a blue toothbrush Have we met somewhere before? I’m a pink toothbrush, you’re a blue toothbrush Have we met by the bathroom... read more

Episode 15: Knitter Punks Action the Things

Episode 15: Knitter Punks Action The Things: we launch new patterns, talk Ravelry economics, offer a free pattern PROMO, learn what it means to be a novice pattern designer, and get an expert swearing lesson!

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Episode 12: Knitter Punks Knit For the Apocalypse

In which we nerd out about gaming, love all the little things, talk knitting as a skill for post-apocalyptic life, get interrupted randomly by chatty ladies in the coffee shop, and GIVE A PROMO for Sunflower knit’s ‪#‎whennaturefoughtback‬ collection.

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Episode 11: Knitter Punks Think All The Thoughts

**Salty Language. You know.***
In this Episode, we think some deep thoughts about what it means to be a “punk,” balance privilege and slow fashion, hint at stuff we can’t tell you about yet, and Sylvia tells us about the Graph Paper Design Co-operative. Don’t forget to post your #myfirstknit and #knitterpunkspodcast!

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BONUS EPISODE: Knit City 2015

Check out this bonus episode from Knit City 2015, Vancouver’s annual local fibrefest! Recorded from the very coffee shop we started our Knitter Punks group at four years (?) ago – and featuring Barth, one of our original knitter punks and one of the best knitters we know. Pictures! Pattern Launch! All the good things!

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Episode 10: Knitter Punks get pwn’d

**salty salty language**
This week we talk overtop of Minecraft in the background, sylvia tells us about her #myfirstknit, we get excited about Knit City 2015, plug our friend Sunflower Knits’ new collection, This Week In Ravelry, and feature a Yes Yes No with Tod.

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Episode 9: Knitter Punks Lose Their Sh!t

** salty salty salty!! **

In this episode, we feature two free patterns from CarolynMac with promo code, we lose our first recording and get punch drunk trying to re-enact it, we talk This Week In Ravelry, design crushes, free advice and try to keep our shit together.

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