**Woah nelly… this one’s got all the curses.**

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Who are you and whatcha knitting?

Sylvia – Struggling with the time change. Test knit for her own shawl, with lots more in the queue.

Jocelyn – test knitting Sylvia’s unnamed twisted shawl. (But OMG! octopus thing in the future!!)

Design Corner:

Jocelyn: I finished my first design!! So exciting! My very first pattern is a christmas stocking pattern I designed for my husband Tod, a former CBC host and producer. I’ve finally finished the pattern and I’m so excited to share that I published the pattern on Saturday! The Public Broadcaster Christmas Stocking was super fun to make and design and I hope there are some CBC fans out there who will love it too. :)

(For non-Canadians out there, CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, our public broadcaster – akin to the United States’ National Public Radio (NPR) and Radio Deutsche Welle in Germany.) From the pattern:

Why a CBC Stocking?

If you’re reading this, you probably already know why. Canada’s public broadcaster stitches our huge country together through radio and TV from sea to sea to sea; and for years, it was the voice of Canadian hockey.

I grew up listening to CBC Radio One. The aging clock radio in our kitchen played As It Happens, Morningside and Sunday Morning (and later, DNTO) to accompany every weekday dinner wash-up and weekend laundry day I can remember. The hosts felt like friends, and their voices narrated some of the biggest historical and cultural events of our time.

In a funny twist of fate, I met and married a former CBC radio host whose voice I first heard through that clock radio. This stocking was designed for him. 

To celebrate and thank all the punks – here’s a promo code for 24hrs, Tuesday November 3rd from 12:01am to 11:59pm pacific standard time. Listen to the episode to hear the code! 


First Graph Paper Cooperative pattern, Porteau Cove by Nicola Hodges of Tiny.Islands.Textiles from Knitter Punks Episode 5. Look out for Sylvia’s great big blog post full of her pride about this project!


Jocelyn – What I learned from being a novice pattern designer

The Economy of Knitting Patterns

Why offer patterns for free if you need it?
What has paid-for patterns done for Rav?

Swearing Lessons

This week, sylvia lays a big ol’ swear bomb on us! not for the faint of heart!

From Blink 182 – the Cussing Song